Dr Kai Funkschmidt

Esotericism, Mormonism and Apostolic Churches in a European Context

Short CV

Kai Funkschmidt grew up in Bonn and Paris. He read divinity at Göttingen, St Andrews (Scotland) and Hamburg universities as well as Indology at Bonn university.

1990 Internships in congregations in Glasgow and Port Elizabeth (South Africa). Two years’ probation ministry (Vikariat) in a parish in Oberhausen / Rhineland

1994 Junior Lecturer in Ecumenics, Missiology and Religious Studies at Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal

1998 Executive Secretary for the development aid agency Kindernothilfe Duisburg

1999 Doctoral dissertation on the concept of partnership in inter-church relationships between Europe and the Third World

2000 Ordination in the Protestant Church of the Rhineland

2000 Mission Relations Secretary at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (formerly known as the British Council of Churches), London and Dunblane

2007 Secretary for Ecumenical Learning and New Religious Movements of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (Frankfurt)

Since 2011 Academic Advisor (research fellow) of EZW, Berlin

Publications in English and French

Editorial work

2000-2006: CONNECTIONS. Resourcing Mission and Ecumenism [Journal of the Churches’ Commission on Mission – Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, ISSN 1476 - 332X]


2004: "Ils aperçurent le missionaire – toute joie tomba." La figure du missionnaire dans le roman du XXe siècle, in: Chantal Paisant (éd): La mission en textes et images, XVIe – Xxe siècles. Colloques du GRIEM [Groupe de recherches interdisciplinaires sur les écritures missionnaires, Université de Paris VII], Éditions Karthala, Paris 2004, p.471-92, (Série Mémoire de l'Eglise, dirigé par Paul Coulon)

2006: Europe’s Current Debate on Multiculturalism, in: S. Asmus/C. Schulze (edd.): "Wir haben doch alle denselben Gott" Eintracht, Zwietracht und Vielfalt der Religionen - FS Friedrich Huber, Wuppertal und Neukirchen p.224-44

2001: "God is rotting away. We only do not smell the stink yet". A conference with Walter Hollenweger on Pentecostals in the Ecumenical Movement, in: CONNECTIONS 5 (2001) No 9, p.6f

2001: On Poetry and Theology and Why They Are Not the Same, part 1 in: CONNECTIONS 5 (2001) p.39f; part 2 in CONNECTIONS 6 (2002) p.5f

2002: Objectif: Communauté eucharistique, in: Mission 120 (2002) p.31f (journal du Départment Français d’Action Apostolique / DEFAP)

2002: Partnership Between Unequals – Mission impossible? Mission Structures Revisited, International Review of Mission (IRM) 91 (2002), p.395-413

2002: New Models of Mission Relationship and Partnership, in: International Review of Mission (IRM) 91 (2002) p.558-76 [Paper presented at the WCC-CEVAA-CWM-UEM consultation "Towards the Fullness of Life – Intercontextual Relationships in Mission", London Methodist International Centre 14-19 April 2002]

2003: La conversion dans la mission, in: Mission de l'Eglise. Supplément du n°138 (janvier – mars 2003): Diversité des Eglises / Diversité des dons de l'Esprit – Munificence de l'Amour de Dieu, p.41-44. Présentation au colloque "La mission protestante aujourd'hui" au Département Français d'Action Apostolique/DEFAP, Paris 24-26 mai 2002

2004: Comportements individuels et changements dans la mission, in: Des projets, une mission. Appel à témoin, Hors série MISSION novembre 2004 [journal du Département Français d'Action Apostolique, DEFAP], p.8-17 (Intervention à l'Assemblée Générale du DEFAP, Lyon, 7-9 mai 2004)

Book reviews

2002: Werner Ustorf: Sailing With The Next Tide. Missions and Missiology In The Third Reich, Frankfurt 2000, in: CONNECTIONS 6 (2002) p.21f

2004: Lothar Bauerochse: Learning to Live Together. Interchurch partnerships as ecumenical communities of learning, WCC: Geneva 2001, in: CONNECTIONS 8 (2004) p.21-23

2004: John Arnold and Ziauddin Sardar: Europe: A Double Legacy. The Legacy of Christendom and The Legacy of Islam, London: Action Centre for Europe 2002, in: CONNECTIONS 8 (2004) p. 25-27

2005: Avishai Margalit and Ian Buruma: Occidentalism. The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies, New York 2005, in: CONNECTIONS 9 (2005) p.20-22