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As of 2020 the "Materialdienst der EZW" is published bimonthly (six issues p. a.) and provides topical articles, book reviews and up-to-date information from the field of religions and world views. Circulation is 2,100. The current issue (and previous issues) can bei found here.

The "EZW-Texte", published six times p.a. have a more academic approach. They usually are a collection of articles focussing on one particular topic. Recent titles included Islam in Europe, The Ecumenical Opening the New Apostolic Church and Children in NRMs. A full list of the EZW-Texte can be found here. Circulation is 4,500, sometimes more.

Target groups: Our readers are mostly theology graduates (pastors, RE teachers), church and political leaders, journalists, political and social institutions, social workers, students and scholars.

"Brief information"

A project of the Catholic and Protestant secretaries for Religious and Ideological Issues

Leaflets providing information on the following topics:
Islamism in Germany, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian fundamentalism

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Brief information